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Eve and Jasmine lesbian loving for DDF. Incredibly sexy porn. Here they have an orgasm while tribbing.

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I’ve been kissing girls for quite a long time although I’ve always considered myself straight. 

Only very recently I came to terms with my bisexuality and allowed myself to explore more.

I met this girl on Facebook and we instantly clicked. We started talking everyday and after a week or so we went out. 

It was all very easy. We got along really well, both physically and emotionally. 

We went out a couple more times before she invited me to her house. I FREAKED OUT. I was having a great time with her but didn’t know if I was ready to take the next step. 

Anyway, I decided to go, With lots of alcohol to calm my nerves. 

As soon as I got there, I realized she was quite nervous too since she opened the bottle of wine pretty quickly!

As we drank, we talked a lot and both of us started to relax. We ended up drinking two whole bottles of wine and, of cousre, were quite loosened up. 

We decided to go to her bedroom, put on some music and “talk” some more. 

We never really got to the end of that conversation, though.

As soon as we got there, she kissed me, I kissed her back and then I sure I wanted to go on. She took off my shirt, I took off hers. She unhooked my bra, I did the same. I was mimicking her actions. It wasn’t her first time but it sure was mine and I don’t remember feeling so lost. 

But this feeling didn’t last long. 

She threw me on the bed and started running her finger up and down my belly. Slowly kissing my neck, breasts, stomach, inner thighs …. sigh. All of a sudden my underwear was on the floor and she was buried in me, her hands holding my hips, tight but gentle. I don’t know how long this went on but I couldn’t be happier to be there. 

I twisted my body and then I was on top and I wasn’t scared anymore. 

I kissed all the way from the back of her neck to the back of her knees. As I slid up, I could feel her shivering and my instincts took over. I was already feeling her warmth, tasting what she did to me and what I was doing to her. We never wanted the night to end.

And in a way, it never did.”

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